The Pearl Sea The Pearl Sea by Chikako Kobayashi
 (EARTH1-2010 EARTH)

 Sun's Ladder
 Mouichido Kono Hoshide Aitai
    ~ We are alive friends
        (Japanese Version)
 We are alive friends
 Shinju no Umi
    ~ The Pearl Sea
        (Japanese Version)
 The Pearl Sea
 Lahaina Luna
 Hanalei Moon
 Aloha Oe
    ~ Blessing of Raindrop
        (Japanese Version)
 Blessing of Raindrop
 Kono Chini Umarete ~ Blue Earth
    ~the land where we were born
        (Japanese Version)
 Blue Earth~the land where we were born
 Sun's Ladder (instrumental )
 Time for Heaven (instrumental )
 Drops of Love (instrumental )
 Green Shower (instrumental )
 Birth of River (instrumental )
 Waltz in the Forest (instrumental )
 Moonlight Road on the Sea (instrumental )
 Everlasting Prayer (instrumental )

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●The Pearl Sea
         The soldiers who died at Pearl Harbor and a soft sad song for the women of their lives

●Blessing of Raindrop 
         Water for life, Blessing from Heaven, Important Forever, Cherishing the Earth

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